Wood Prep and Treatments

PENETROL Penetrating Primer Oil and Surface Conditioner
$22.20NZ Ex Tax: $19.30NZ

Penetrol Anti-Rust Control Penetrol makes it easy to control rust What makes rust? Ordinary..

Earl's Wood Hardener 250ml
$31.20NZ Ex Tax: $27.13NZ

Earl's Wood Hardener penetrates into soft rotted wood fibres, restoring them to near original streng..

FLOOD Powerlift Stain Stripper 4L
$81.58NZ Ex Tax: $70.94NZ

PowerLift Stain Stripper Formulated to get under and lift off old sealers, finishes, and dirt tha..

FLOOD Woodprep Pre-Paint Treatment 4L
$54.72NZ Ex Tax: $47.58NZ

WoodPrep Pre-Paint Treatment The easy way to prepare your wood prior to applying wood finishes. ..


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