Pressure and Suction Guns

WALCOM Genisi HTE Pressure Fed Spray Gun
$569.25NZ Ex Tax: $495.00NZ

The most popular system on the market for years, the Genesi HTE combines the atomization force typic..

WELLMADE W7002-S 1.8mm Gold Suction Feed Spray Gun and 1l Bowl
$116.28NZ Ex Tax: $101.11NZ

Great general purpose suction feed spray gun, comes with a 1.8mm nozzle making it ideal for applying..

DeVilbiss Advance Conventional Pressure Fed 1.8mm Spray Gun
$747.50NZ Ex Tax: $650.00NZ

DeVilbiss Advance HD Conventional Mid Size Spray Gun Range Wide range of conventional ..

DeVilbiss Advance HD Compliant Mid Size Spray Gun Range
$0.00NZ Ex Tax: $0.00NZ

Robust, Lightweight and work friendly design for High Demand outputs Balanced air valve desig..


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