Specialty Applicators

U-POL Underbody Schutz Gun
$55.09NZ Ex Tax: $47.90NZ

Specially constructed for the application of HS stonechip coatings and Raptor. Screws directly onto..

SAGOLA Super Flow Waterborne Paint Dryer
$416.07NZ Ex Tax: $361.80NZ

Dryer for waterborne products. Reduced drying time. Greater volume of air output favouring  ..

SAGOLA Venturi Classic Stand Bare
$447.74NZ Ex Tax: $389.34NZ

Used in conjunction with specialty dryers to aid in the acceleraterated drying of parts coated ..

SIKA JetFlow Gun
$920.69NZ Ex Tax: $800.60NZ

The Sika JetFlow Gun is a single delivery system for the application of the Sikaflex 529 Sealant ..

TEROSON Multi-Press Pistol
$844.10NZ Ex Tax: $734.00NZ

The Multi-Press Pistol is used for the application of Terostat 9320 Sprayable Seam Sealants from 300..


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