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  • MOTSENBOCKER'S Lift Off #4 Graffiti Remover 650ml
  • MOTSENBOCKER'S Lift Off #4 Graffiti Remover 650ml

MOTSENBOCKER'S Lift Off #4 Graffiti Remover 650ml

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Motsenbockers Lift Off # 4 Spray Paint Graffiti Remover is the first and only Green Cross Certified paint remover. Biodegradable and water-based, this product is safe for people, the environment and every surface. It works more effectively, or better and in the same time as most solvents. The secret formula actually breaks the molecular bond between the paint and the surface and is effective for removing graffiti from all types of surfaces including stucco, concrete, trucks, and street signs. It provides superior performance on the most difficult porous surface like natural brick and concrete. Lift Off #4 is the first real alternative to anti-graffiti coatings and the continued painting over of graffiti.ALL PRODUCTS ARE BIODEGRADABLE AND WATER-BASED AND SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Hard Surfaces: Street Signs: This NEW BIODEGRADABLE WATER BASED product is designed to work safely on all types of street signs including: reflective, silk-screened, and high intensity and will not damage 3M's 1150 Coating. Our product effectively removes all spray paints and permanent markers from surfaces such as: tile, formica, plastic and glass. Soft Surfaces: Plastic/Vinyl NEW USER FRIENDLY PRODUCT comes in a non-aerosol 22 ounce trigger sprayer that safely removes all forms of spray paint graffiti and markers from surfaces such as: Lexan, Plexiglas, vinyl, plastics, clothing, dry erase boards, blackboards, fiberglass, etc. All this and more without damaging any substrate/surface. Porous Surfaces: Concrete/Brick Our NEW MULTI-PATENTED FORMULA works on most/all high porosity substrates including: brick, concrete, stucco, slumpstone, splitrock, etc. The efficiency of our patented formula on high porosity surfaces is increased when used in conjunction with our patented process using a high pressure water system. Motsenbocker's Advanced Developments, Inc. has made a breakthrough with a new multi-patented formula for spray paint graffiti removal, by developing the first truly biodegradable and water based spray paint graffiti remover ever. Further, Motsenbocker's Lift Off is unlike most green products which claim to be safe, usually don't work and cost more...a lot more! Environmentally Safe User Safe All Surfaces* Safe Motsenbocker's Lift Off's mission from the beginning has been to develop products which are safe in 3 ways, work better then solvents, and cost the same or less than other products. All this is accomplished through our secret process which actually breaks the molecular bond between the paint and the surfaces/substrates unlike solvents or d-limonene removers which dissolve paint. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Easy Effective Economical Remember, when used as directed, Mostenbocker's Life Off products are the only patented products that can be used alone or in combinations safely on: Appliances, Auto Interiors, Auto Paint and Trim, Blackboards, Boat Decks, Carpeting Concrete, Cotton, Countertops, Driveways, Dry Erase / Mark Boards, Formica, Furniture, Hardwood Floors, Leather, Nylon, Plastic, Rubber, Signs, Silk, Tile, Tires, Tools, Upholstery, Vinyl, Wallpaper, Walls, Windows, Wood...and Much Much More! 

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