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  • PACER Pacesol Degreaser 4L
  • PACER Pacesol Degreaser 4L

PACER Pacesol Degreaser 4L

Price: $36.04NZ
Ex Tax: $31.34NZ

Brand: Pacer Car Care Products

Product Code: CLN01PSOL04

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Pacesol is a high quality solvent degreaser that is suitable for removing oil, grease and grime. Pacesol is water-soluble and ideal for degreasing machinery, parts, engines. Suitable for de-waxing vehicles, removing tar and cleaning oil from concrete.
DIRECTIONS: Do not use when engine is hot. Spray onto surface. Allow to penetrate, scrub if necessary and rinse with hot or cold water.
Poison: Keep out of reach of children.

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