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  • 3D AAT 501 Rubbing Compound
  • 3D AAT 501 Rubbing Compound

3D AAT 501 Rubbing Compound

Price: $89.00NZ
Ex Tax: $77.39NZ

Brand: 3D AAT

Product Code: BUFF83DAATRC01

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This compound is designed for body shop use.  It is our fastest cutting compound and designed to save you time and money.  It cuts quickly without using petroleum products and without generating excessive heat.  This is part one of two that will get you to true paint correction. First use our 3D AAT RUBBING COMPOUND, the only one on the market with adaptive abrasive technology the fastest cutting compound available today.  Follow it up with AAT 502 Finishing Polish part two of two.  This product works by cutting clear coat away, not moving the paint around.


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