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  • TEROSTAT VII 2.5mX10mm Roll
  • TEROSTAT VII 2.5mX10mm Roll

TEROSTAT VII 2.5mX10mm Roll

Price: $40.94NZ
Ex Tax: $35.60NZ

Brand: Teroson

Product Code: T112.46Z

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Terostat VII Sealing-Butyls - Manual application, Low tackiness

Your benefits

  • Easy to remove
  • Very good water and aging resistance
  • Good for spacing
  • Sound insulation
  • Can be overpainted

Technical data

  • Density: 1.69 g/cm³
  • Solids content: 100 %
  • Adhesion strength: Low
  • Processing temperature: Room temperature
  • Service temperature range: -40 to +80 °C

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