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  • FERTAN Rust Convertor 1L
  • FERTAN Rust Convertor 1L

FERTAN Rust Convertor 1L

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Brand: Fertan

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Fertan® Rust converter is applied to metal to destroy rust, protect the surface and act as a
primer for any finish coat.


All steel and iron including:
·         Cars, lorries, trailers                               shipping                                cranes
·         Storage tanks                                          bridges                                  structural steel
·         Agricultural equipment                            inter-machining coat



Fertan® Rust Converter was designed to be the best converter and remover of rust to provide an object
suitable for overcoating.  Fertan® will also provide resistance to further rust for up to 12 months without
painting (environment dependent).

 Surface Preparation
Old Steel:
Loose rust and scale should be removed.  Firmly bonded rust is welcome.  Loose rust, mill scale and coatings may be
removed by any appropriate method (manual or power wire brushing, chipping, ehpwj, peening) followed by rinsing with water to
remove residues.  Fat, oil, silicon, salt and dirt should be removed with detergent and/or an alkaline degrease ror panel wipe. 
Always finish with a fresh water rinse.

 Rust Conversion Time and Surface change:  One coat of Fertan® Rust converter is recommended.
The metal surface can be damp at application.  Over a period of 12 hours the surface will become black.
Conversion continues for up to 24 hours and is temperature and humidity dependent.

Equipment and methods  Fertan® may be applied by brush, sponge, roller or spray.  Spray application is recommended
 for large areas. Airless spray equipment is fast, effective and better than conventional air-spray equipment.   In this
 litigious age we, like paint suppliers, recommend gloves and eye protection.  Fertan® has always worked well with all
surfacing products.  Again it is responsible to recommend that a trial area should be tested.   Very rarely and only with
 very strong and thick layers of rust it is useful to apply Fertan twice, the first time thinned with 20% - 50% of water.
 Leave for seven days and then pressure wash and the rust will fall off.  Then apply a fresh coat of pure Fertan as normal.
Very strong and thick means the sort of rust found on marine pilings(1cm+).

Directions for Use

1)    Remove loose rust and grease as described above.
2)    Dampen the metal surface. (don’t do this if just ‘dotting’ stonechips on car bodywork).
3)      If applying by brush or sponge pour sufficient Fertan® into a suitable clean container.
4)    Apply liberally by brush or sponge or airless spray.
        All rusted areas will turn black over the next 1 - 24 hours (moisture & temp dependent).
 5)    In dry conditions the surface should be dampened with a light water mist after two hours to
        facilitate the reaction and maximise effectiveness
6)    If any rust has not converted apply more Fertan® at any time.
        The reaction can continue  for up 48 hours.  This provides the maximum performance. 
7)    At the end of this time wipe down or wash surface with low pressure water (ie not pressure wash) to
        remove the loose black dust that will be present (rust too loose to bond). This will also rinse off any
        unused (brown) Fertan lying on the metal.  On large exterior structures rain will do this.
8)    When the surface is dry paint/coat as normal.
9)    Brushes, sponges and spray equipment should be cleaned with water, preferably within a few hours.

 Application Conditions

Fertan® Rust Converter should be applied when the air and surface temperature is above 1ºC and below 30ºC.
The reaction will continue for up to 48 hours at lower temperatures or dry conditions.  In high temperatures and
low humidity ensure the surface stays damp. Fertan® may be applied in damp conditions.  If you need to apply
Fertan® in temperatures above 30º please contact us to discuss the process.C

Cleaning up.

Wash brushes and equipment with water.  Rinse adjacent painted surfaces with water.  Some light coloured paints
may take a stain from Fertan so it is easiest to remove it promptly.  Wash hands and skin with soap and water.
Fertan will stain clothing.  Prompt washing in large quantities of cold water and mild detergent may remove the marking.
Fertan® spilled into the environment should be washed down with water.

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